IV Hydration

Our drip menu is designed to meet your specific health and wellness needs. Whether you’re an athlete looking to boost performance or need a quick energy boost, we’re here to help you reach your optimal performance.

The Quencher

This basic hydration drip quenches your thirst and gives your body the hydration it needs to operate at 100%. 

Ingredients: Normal Saline OR Lactated Ringer.

The Beautifier 

This drip is designed to enhance your beauty from the inside out. From reducing wrinkles, relieving tired skin, and fortifying hair/skin/nails, this drip makes your beauty shine. 

Ingredients: Vitamin C, B-Complex, Biotin (Glutathione add-ons available)

The Fighter

This powerful drip helps to support your immune system and reduces the duration of illness by improving healing time. 

Ingredients: Vitamin C, B-Complex, B12, Glutathione

The Boost 

Based on the famous Meyer’s Cocktail drip, this supreme drip therapy reduces seasonal allergies, promotes health maintenance, eases disease recovery, combats fatigue, and reduces inflammation. 

Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, B12, B-Complex, Vitamin C (Glutathione & Calcium add-ons available)

The Complete Wellness

This restorative drip rejuvenates your system and boosts your energy, so you can feel like the best version of yourself again. 

Ingredients: B Complex, B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium Biotin, Glutathione

The Athlete

Ideal for athletes, this drip enhances your athletic performance, decreases recovery time and muscle loss. 

Ingredient: Vitamin C, B-Complex, Amino Acid, Mineral Blends. (L. Carnitine, Magnesium, & Glutathione add-ons available)

The Food Poisoning Relief

This unique drip aids in relieving the painful symptoms of food poisoning. 

Ingredients: Antiemetic Medication, Anti-Heartburn, Anti-Inflammatory.

The Hangover

Alleviate the symptoms of hangovers with this drip that rehydrates the body and aids in relieving a range of debilitating symptoms including nausea, fatigue, and headache. 

Ingredients: B-Complex, Amino Blends, Calcium Chloride (Magnesium & Pain Medication add-ons available)

The Energizer

This energy drip is designed to relieve fatigue, combat the symptoms of jet lag, and boost your overall energy. 

Ingredients: B12, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Amino Blend

The Migraine Relief

This drip contains a combination of medication for acute abortive symptoms of migraine. 

Ingredients: IV Fluids, Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Concierge Care

We provide you with personalized concierge nursing services from the comfort of your home/work. Our concierge nursing services include: 


  • Postoperative Care (plastic surgery recovery)
  • Orthopedic Surgery Recovery
  • Health Screening
  • DOT Physical
  • Employee Workplace Screening
  • Injectable Medication Support
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Medication Management