Bridging The Gap 

Owned by a certified Nurse Practitioner, Prestige IV Hydration was established to bridge the gap between optimal health and holistic healing solutions. Understanding that their clients lead busy lives, Prestige IV Hydration provides convenient IV hydration services from the comfort of homes, offices, hotels, and even private events! 

 With a range of drips to choose from, Prestige IV Hydration offers its clients the hydration, vitamins, and nutrients needed for optimal performance. From migraine relief to energy restoration and everything in-between, Prestige IV Hydration has IV hydration solutions that restore cellular function and overall wellness. 

Prestige also provides customized concierge care to meet their client’s personal and corporate wellness needs. These concierge care services include but are not limited to post-operative care, health screening, medication management, corporate wellness services, and more!

At Prestige IV Hydration, your wellness is our priority!


About Payment 

Payments can be made by credit card, flexible spending account (FSA), or health spending account (HSA).  Note that accounts must be associated with a major credit card.