Your Wellness Is Our Priority

We offer on-demand IV hydration and concierge healthcare services delivered directly to your preferred location. Offering a range of customizable solutions, we’re here to help you feel better, look better, and achieve optimal wellness.

Why Choose Us?

We offer convenient, professional, and compassionate IV hydration and concierge services delivered to your doorstep.


We deliver mobile IV hydration services throughout New York and the surrounding areas.


All of our patients are evaluated by a medical provider prior to starting treatments. 


Owned and operated by medical professionals, we uphold the highest standard of patient care.

IV Hydration

Depending on your nutritional needs, our medical team will guide you in finding the right IV infusion based on your wellness goals.

Concierge Services 

We deliver a range of professional concierge services including postoperative care, DOT physicals, injectable medication support, and more!

Why IV Hydration? 

IV hydration is the fastest way to hydrate your body and restore cellular function. It’s known for improving mental clarity and boosting energy levels, so you can perform at your best. Other known benefits of IV hydration include: 

  • Immunity Boost 
  • Improved Muscle Recovery
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Migraine/Hangover/Jet Lag Relief 
  • Detoxification, and more!

We’re here to meet all your wellness needs, and exceed your expectations!

Why Hire A Concierge Nurse For Post-Operative Care? 

While having your family around for postoperative care can be comforting, concierge nurses can bring peace of mind knowing that you/your loved ones are being closely monitored by a healthcare professional after surgery. 

Our team of Registered Nurses follows your doctor’s orders and recommendations to ensure that you’re adjusting well after procedures. We also work with you to meet your personalized postoperative care needs which may include filling prescriptions, monitoring conditions, dressing wounds, communicating with medical providers, etc.